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TWICE’s Jihyo’s and Yun Sung Bin’s agencies have officially responded to their dating rumors.

On March 25, a Korean media outlet reported that Jihyo and Yun Sung Bin, who first met through an acquaintance, became close through their common interest of exercising and have been dating for a year.

In response to the report, JYP Entertainment stated, “It is difficult to confirm as it is [the artist’s] personal matter. We ask for your understanding.”

CR: Soompi

1. Wow I’m jealous!! Congrats congrats

2. Oh her taste sure is consistentㅎㅎ

3. They match, be happy!

4. What a consistent taste

5. Kang Daniel and Yoon Sungbin are different though? Why is everyone saying that they are the same type?

6. Did they meet on I Live Alone?

7. They indeed match

8. Seems like Jihyo likes men with a good body.. I’m the same…

9. Looks like she’s into men with big frame and monolids

10. They f*cking match… So Jihyo is into hot men

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