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They’re holding quite a large-scale tribute right now on: Twitter, real-life banners, coffee trucks, IG ads, etc. 


Request for feedback over NCT supporting CCP

Thank you to all NCTzen who participated in preparing this tribute for the past 61 days. This post will summarize the tribute that was organized by NCT’s room from Instiz. 

This post is a bit long, but we will list down all: Online tribute – Offline tribute – tribute fees. We will update as new tribute adds to the list

[Online tribute]

1. Real-time trends

July 2nd – July 22nd 

1st hashtag: 

#Feedback over Renjun & Chenle’s CCP praises

#Delete Renjun & Chenle’s Weibo 

2nd hashtag: 

#Aren’t Renjun and Chenle promoting in Korea?


3rd hashtag: 

#Feedback over Renjun & Chenle’s Sinocentrism 

#Delete Renjun & Chenle’s Chinese accounts

4th hashtag: 

#Delete accounts

#Feedback for Renjun & Chenle

Trend with album unboxing

5th hashtag: 

#Chenle’s bubble #Renjun’s bubble

#World’s best dad Chenle #Renjun arrived

Trend with RenChen meat (t/n: word play with Lunch on meat) 

*calendar for real-time hashtags*

2. Bubble tribute

July 1st to July 22nd 

Every time the member will log on, release this text: 

‘Ruining Dream and angering the fans from a democratic country by praising CCP’ 

3. LYSN tribute

July 2nd to July 22nd

Enter the tab ‘To. NCT DREAM

Upload this image whenever: 

they have individual activities, whenever they mention China, whenever they have schedules, etc. 

4. Feedback tribute

July 5th to July 22nd

Download mobile fax app  and send the message to the numbers below

Fax tribute: twice every 30min/day 

Send the statement PDF file to SM 

5. Radio tribute

July 8th 9PM – 10PM 

Send the text to the radio show + Youtube real-time chat

6. Mail tribute 

July 8th to July 22nd 


Send the statement notice’s picture and text using the example below 


Those are the pictures used by the tribute:

1. Statement

title: Statement regarding NCT Renjun and Chenle’s weibo post


– NCT Dream’s RJ and CL posted on July 1st at 7:21PM a post on Weibo congratulating 100 years of CCP

– NCT Dream are a KPOP group and are promoting in a democratic country which is currently suffering a lot due to CCP. 

– Praising a communist country in a democratic country will lead to negative repercussions

– There is a lot of hostility towards Sinocentrism that stems from history and Chinese government

– this is a big controversy 

– Because of this, NCT’s group image is harmed due to the articles coming out about this issues

– We are requesting for feedback 

2. Card news


1. We are not requesting RJ and CL to withdraw, nor be excluded from activities because they’re members that we love. As fans, we are requesting feedback 

2. (explaining why it’s problematic to release posts supporting China on SNS)

3. (explaining why they’re holding tributes on Bubble, etc.) 

4. Image for real-time search 

‘Before we begin, we would like to make it clear that we do not intend to REJECT RJ & CL. 

RJ & CL are group members of Kpop idol and they posted a COMMUNISM PRAISING content on weibo. 

Korean public responses to the post are EXTREMELY BAD. And numerous KOREA FANS were DISAPOINTED and felt BETRAYED. This could ruin the image of NCT. So it must be corrected. We ask for FEEDBACK and DELETING RJ & CL’s WEIBO accounts to prevent similar things from happening again. 

[offline tribute]

1. flower wreath tribute

2. Postal + shipping tribute

(they will ship the statement to SM whenever SM is receiving stuff from the post)

3. Street lights banner + banner tribute

4. Banner tribute at Seongdeong District Office

5. Coffee truck tribute

IG Tribute: 

text: we oppose to SM artists supporting CCP while promoting in China 

#Request of feedback from RJ & CL

1. The fans are amazing ㅠㅠㅠ I support them 

2. It’s my first time getting emotional from NCT’s fandom. This time, I’m really supporting what they’re doing 

3. Honestly I really hope they stop adding Chinese members in their groups…. Just how many controversies did they get into already? 

4. Those are seriously real fans… They seriously suffered so much… I support you!!!!! Thank you I’m so touched

5. The fans are seriously cool. Fighting!! SM needs to learn after seeing this. I seriously can’t tell whether they’re a Korean company or a Chinese company anymore. They need to stop getting side tracked with China money and keep their principlesㅡㅡ

6.Wow they’re seriously amazing. This isn’t a simple task, but they’re setting the right example. Fighting fighting 

7. The fans are seriously taking so good care of Dream… 

8. Those are the Dream fans? Wow they’re seriously going the extra mile. The company needs to take action 

9. NCT Dream seriously have good principles

10. Wow I want to commend the fans for acting like that. I seriously don’t understand how a big company like SM still needs to bury themselves with Chinese money. This is just embarrassing 

11. As a NCTzen, I’m supporting them, fighting!!!!!

12. Wow…. This makes me see the group in a new light. The fans are working so hard. They suffered

13. Wow I support them!!!! Why is SM giving no feedback??

14. Wow the fans are freaking cool. Fighting. I’m not a fan, but I’m touched by this ㅜㅜ

15. If they want to praise CCP, they should just stick to promoting in China. The fans are cool 

What do you think?

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