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1. It was so boring 

2. It sounded so old and I got bored 

3. The song is just so so, it was fine but kinda slow and stuffy 

4. I feel like this is their best song so far from their recent releases 

5. It was cute, this was a Summer song 

6. It was too boring ㅠ

7. I liked it ㅋㅋ It’s a good song to just listen to casually 

8. Hm… I think it was safe and it’s an easy listening, but it sounded like every other song and kinda old… 

9. It sounded so old, like those dance songs from the early 2000s 

10. I don’t feel like this was refreshing to listen to… 


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1. [+ 26, -3]

I just watched it on Youtube and my thoughts were “Miyeon and Yuqi are pretty and their voice colors are good” the MV was fine, and it sounded less strong than Super Lady so it was more comfortable to listen to. It didn’t stick to my ears like Queen Card did, so I’m not sure if they’ll  hit daebak with this one, but I think it’s not bad for a Summer song? I think they’re still amazing to release songs they compose themselves in such a short amount of time and be able to change concepts every single time 

2. [+23, -14]

There weren’t many parts that made me go “huh?” and it was good the moment I heard it 

3. [+22, -5]

Shuhua’s read hair is f*ckingpretty 

4.[+21, -10]

The song was good, Yuqi’s part in the “Get out of my car I’ll scream” was too cute ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+17, -2]

This would’ve been a better song for a hotter weather ㅠㅠ It was a bit disappointing considering the monsoon seasons 

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