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1. Why is Haerin so good at keeping the same vibe…? I didn’t know she was this much of a good dancer

2. The kitten is such a good dancer

3. I like Minji’s powerfulness and Haerin’s dance lines are kinda dope too. I feel like their joints are very flexible, both are f*cking cool 

4. Wow their head turning at first was insane, this is so satisfying 

5. The god-babies are too good, I love you….. 

6. Ah they’re both too good 

7. It’s true NewJeans was from Hybeㅋㅋㅋㅋ They feel so different from BTS 

8. Who’s the one in white? She’s so good 

9. Minji’s dancing is similar to Jungkook’s, when she turns, she lowers her head

10. Both are too good 

What do you think?

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