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In our country, Hashimoto Kanna is known as “the thousand-year beauty” and she had a dating rumor a few years ago, and it seems to be ongoing even now

There aren’t any photos of them together yet, but there are many pictures of them going to each other’s houses, and their agencies haven’t denied it. It seems that the other person even takes care of Kanna’s dog when she’s busy..

The actor who’s in a dating rumor with her is Nakagawa Taishi

Recently, Korean actor Chae Jong Hyeop appeared in the Japanese drama “I Love You” as the second male lead. Kanna was born in 1999 and Taishi in 1998, so there’s just a one-year difference between them!

1. Wow they match

2. Handsome boy and pretty girl

3. Both are so pretty and handsome

4. Why does it make me feel so relieved to see her dating someone her age? They match!

5. A proper age gap and proper visuals

6. I feel so peaceful

7. I like their visual chemistry. They match

8. *Gasp* I was wondering who she was dating scrolling down but I agree, they match

9. Wow I really feel more at peace seeing that they don’t have a big age gap

10. Hul I thought that it was Fukushi Shota when I saw his pictureㅋㅋ they look alike

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