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SM Entertainment has responded to reports of EXO’s D.O. leaving the label.

Soon after rumors of D.O. leaving the label with his manager hit headlines, SM Entertainment has officially commented on the reports. On October 18, an official from the label confirmed, “Our exclusive contract with Do Kyung Soo ends in early November. After discussions with Do Kyung Soo, we decided that his promotions with EXO will be done with SM Entertainment, and his acting and solo activities will be developed with a new company established independently by one of our former managers.”

It was previously reported D.O. would be leaving SM Entertainment with a management director who he’s worked with him since his debut, and it looks like the reports were in fact true.

CR: Allkpop

1. Because he’s leaving without breaching his exclusive contract, the article is so clean

2. I support all his endeavors as a solo actor as well as an EXO member. The name Soo Soo Company is so cuteㅋㅋ

3. Uhm… why keep on promoting with EXO?? He’s gonna be just fine without EXO…

4. This is clean. I support Do Kyungsoo

5. I’m happy since he’s gonna continue promoting with EXO. I’ll support him

6. I felt like he was the member who decided not to renew and turns out, it’s true…

7. Soo Soo fighting!!

8. I’m an EXO fan and I’m fine with everything as long as they preserve the group. Kyungsoo, fighting

9. So the Baekhyun-D.O’s unit album will never come out..

10. Look at the difference in statement from SMㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this one is so clean

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