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Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Currently, rumors surrounding Johnny and Haechan’s involvement with prostitution, drugs, and other indecent content are being reproduced and spread online. After verifying the facts, these allegations are not true at all, and [these rumors] are criminal acts that seriously defame our artists.

In addition, malicious rumors and slander continue to be spread about NCT and our other artists, including Heechul.

We have already collected sufficient evidence regarding the posts in question and we will not sit and do nothing. We will ensure the perpetrators spreading this information will be punished with no leniency or settlement, regardless of their nationality.

Please be aware that any act of posting malicious content could be subject to punishment.

Thank you.

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1. Why are rumors getting so dirty nowadays? And why are they made so easily? Everyone’s head is rotting 
2. I bet the idols and the fans will soon develop some disease because of all the rumors they make 
3. Ah this is a relief, I’m not even their fans and I felt kinda anxious about it sigh 
4. But Japanese people will definitely take photos of you… There were idols in the past who did a one night stand and their faces of them sleeping in the morning would be everywhere
5. They sure are way too harsh with the rumors when there’s no proofs around it, and the fans were also trying to fight off the bullying. I’m another group’s fan but this was worrying me. I hope they get punished
6. Wasn’t this so forced?
7. Sigh ㅡㅡ They’re only releasing a notice now. People who actually believed it.. I wonder how intelligent they are
8. I was shocked that this grew in scale so much 
10. SM sure is so fast with their notices 

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