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Taylor Swift’s infamous private jet overuse is back on the chopping block again

To put it in perspective, Taylor Swift’s constant use of private jets to see her boyfriend on tour over the past three months has resulted in a carbon footprint of 138 tons.

To give you an idea of what 138 tons of carbon emissions looks like over three months:

A typical car in the U.S. emits one ton of carbon in three months.

A typical American emits 16 tons of carbon over the course of a year.

A typical South Korean emits 12.7 tons of carbon in a year (as of 2020)

To reverse 138 tons of carbon emissions, it would take approximately 2,300 trees to grow for 10 years.

1. She’s freaking trashㅋㅋ Why ask us commoners to reduce our carbon footprint?

2. I really like her song but she’s a detestable human

3. I hate this. Does she think that the earth is hers?

4. We need to get rid of celebrities

5. She should lower it down a bit. She’s so selfish and egoistical. It’s because people still stan her despite all of this that she’s just doing whatever she wants

6. Wow… seriously freaking oba. She still hasn’t changed

7. I don’t know about her other scandals but she really needs to change this…… sigh… is she using the earth alone? F*cking b*tch

8. I’m so diligent in using my tumbler but it barely changes anything in the end^^ Seriously, I f*cking hate her

9. Is it because so many Taylor’s fans have a victim mentality? They are unable to stand any criticismㅋㅋㅋ

10. It’s not even because of her work. Her relationships are really the #1 priority to her. What’s there to shield her for?

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