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1. Brush teeth

2. Washing face
3. Washing hair 
4. Washing body
For me, it’s 1,3,4,2
original post: here
1. 1234
2. 3421
3. If I have makeup on: 12342 (I use cleansing oil once and then at the end I come back with foam) 
If I have no makeup on: 1342
4. 123 (I do shampoo, then put in my treatment), then 4 and wash my hair’s treatment with it 
5. I wash my face at the same time as my body.. I just use my shampoo as a body wash 
6. 3142
7. 3214 I shampoo and while I let it sit, I brush my teeth and then wash my face and my body 
8. 3124 when I busy: I shampoo, brush my teeth, wash my face and body while washing my hair 
1324 when I have time: I brush my teeth, then wash my hair, then wash my face and then my body 
9. 1234
10. 3241 I wash then eat then brush my teeth 

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