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“Go Jiyong, kill me!!”

“Seungho Christ, I don’t worship God but Ahn Seungho”

“815 Cultural independence cola Moon Heejun” (t/n: 815 = Korean independence day)

“Korean beverage Achim Hetsal Jang Woohyun” (t/n: Achin Hetsal = Korean rice drink)

“Banana flavored strawberry milk Ahn Seungho”

“Chocolate milk Ahn Chilhyun”

“Baekdu pollution-free water Lee Jaewon”

“I love you…Ahn Danny!!

Danny s*icide generation”

1. Why are people beautifying this? As if they didn’t attempt to murder the 1st generation female idols. Even on Theqoo, you guys always talk about protest trucks and you pretend to not be extreme

2. Let’s not beautify this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This stems from the iljin culture 

3. Aren’t these groups of criminals..?

4. I’m not gonna buy this attempt to beautify people who tried to murder other women ^^

5. Are you sure this isn’t the gathering of mentally ill people?

6. Are they not embarrassed to do things like that?

7. These are stalkers and sociopaths

8. Please don’t try to bring this back as if it’s something nostalgic and beautify it

9. Just look at what they tried to do with Baby V.O.X, those are crazy b*tches who were psychopaths, the fact that some people here are praising them is laughable 

10. If you look at what they tried to do against female idols and female idols fans from the 1st generation, it was so bad… Seeing how we’re bringing this back as if it’s some kind of nostalgia just shows that they didn’t repent at all, just look at the comments on Theqoo ㅋㅋ;;

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