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A woman begins her life in her 20s with her greatest asset, her age. However, thanks to age, even if you have nothing, you are worth a hu~~~~~~ge premium over your own worth. You are welcome wherever you go.

Conversely, what about men? What’s in your 20s? Except for a very small number of f*cking handsome ones, there is nothing much going on about you. Men are not being evaluated simply because of their young age; they are worthy only if they prove that they have some ability. If you don’t prove yourself to society, you will simply die without even living a “golden age” in your life. 

After all, the scariest thing in the world is what is given and then taken away. If you’re going to take it from me, it’s better not to give it in the first place. The feeling of loss is enormous. Imagine making hundreds of millions of dollars and then losing that money. It would be better if you didn’t have that money to start with. It’s just human psychology that makes it so hard to earn something and then lose it.

But that’s the life of every woman who can’t get married. Due to age being a given at birth and not through one’s own efforts, they are unable to start a family (due to aging), so once they are in their mid to late 30s or push (marriage) to their 40s, no matter how much specs they have, only low-value men who want to sleep occasionally without love would be attracted to them. It is virtually impossible to marry the man you want through romance.

In the marriage market, the way a woman looks at a motae-solo hikikomori man is the same as the way a man looks at a single woman in her 40s, it’s damn painful to have to endure such looks. (Actually, there is no such thing as a look. You just become invisible as a marriage target. Nobody cares about you)

Honestly, it is too late for women in their mid to late 30s (to think about marriage), and if you are a woman in your early 30s reading this, you have your last chance, so I recommend that you diligently seek to find a husband.

1. Women-ah, please get married (t/n: sarcastic)

2. Stop minding us, why do men f*cking care?

3. If we’re not married –> decreasing birth rate. Huh? That sounds f*cking fun actually 

4. Leave women alone, you guys sure are unable to live without women 

5. But in reality, women are happier not married. Stop with your delusions

6. Ah this cringed me, people sure f*cking care a lot about us, stop caring 

7. Huh? I’m not unmarried, I’m a celibate~

8. Sigh those f*cking pigs, the answer is to stay celibate after all 

9. Being celibate means that we’re passing on marriage as a whole, how many times do we need to repeat ourselves?

10. There’s also a reason why men in their 50s-60s die lonely the most.. 

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