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“I liked being able to work in the morning and then use the rest of the day for myself. Waking up earlier in the morning will make the days longer…”

“You can set the work schedule you want per day, but if you want to learn something else, you can go to an academy.”

“I like the fact that I can do my work like that”

(preference on flexible work arrangement)

“IT companies are experimenting with various work arrangements including 4 days work weeks”

“36.6% of MZ generation selects work based off work-life-balance”

“(When I got a job) my salary was fixed, and it wasn’t that high. Because I studied liberal arts.”

“But I wanted to make as much money as possible when I’m still young and physically strong…”

“Since the franchise owner’s store management power (of the convenience store) is directly linked to profits […]”

“Before starting a business, people in their 20s will flock to convenience stores and work part time certain period of time due to low entry barriers”

(they start businesses on their own instead of working for a company)

“I need to wear the best type of gas mask. Even if you wear a gas mask properly, fine dust comes in somehow.”

“It’s already been 5 years, so the more I work hard, the more I get rewarded for it.”

“Personally, I am very satisfied and have fun working there.”

“I took a short leave of absence. I was wondering what I should eat and what I can do for a living for the future, then I thought “let’s try learning a skilled trade.””

(They like working with their hands)

“It’s definitely physically difficult work. But now, if you look at the outcome results”

“To put it simply in the old days, jobs like these were called ‘manual labor/hard physical labor’, but it’s not ‘hard physical labor’. It’s a skill.”

“If you work hard for 3 to 5 years, this is a career you can pursue for the rest of your life.”

“In the case of manual labor, if the level of skill level increases, it can be sustainable for a longer period of time than digital jobs.”

“The MZ generation is running towards manual labor jobs”

“Even if I was sitting at a clean desk, I might feel distressed.

But now I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.”

1. Me too sometimes I just want to quit my office job and go learn a skilled trade instead

2. I came to realize it as I lived longer, skilled trades are the best

3. Skilled trades are jjang 

4. They’re amazing… I won’t be able to do what they do 

5. Its because office life don’t really take into consideration your actual life, that’s why everyone is just leaving it 

6. It’s true that the trends are going towards that direction, it’s nice that our country is starting to develop more diverse ways of working 

7. As expected the answer was skilled trades. Me too I should learn one, but what 

8. It’s because jobs like that can hardly be replaced by AI 

9. Me too I want to learn a skill 

10. This sounds so nice. I don’t really consider working in an office “working”

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