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Victoria’s Secret ditches angels and fashion shows after two years of radical image makeover, effectively admits the rebranding failed and says it’s going back to its sexy roots

Sales have been falling every year, with this year’s sales down 5% from last year.

There was a crisis within the company

They even recently brought back their fashion show but it was an utter fail

It got the worst viewers’ response

1. I hope they go back to how they did their shows back then

2. That might be better for the business. Because they are way too ambiguous right now

3. They are going back to the sexy route but what’s up with the model selection?

4. They should’ve just put up with the hate and stick to what they’ve been doing before

5. The angels’ Christmas show was honestly so fun

6. Just stick to what you were doing…. to be honest, they should just learn from this and go back to what they were doing. The people who planned all of this got it wrong in the first place

7. Bluntly speaking, if someone wants comfortable underwear, they wouldn’t buy VS. It’s a brand that’s known for their f*cking pretty and fancy lingerie

8. I also think that going back is the right decision

9. VS should just go back to their roots… there are already so many brands catered to those people crying about “inclusivity”

10. Their latest bralettes were so pretty though

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