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The reason why they’re suddenly bringing up Zico’s past is because: 

(Lyrics to : If I Ain’t Got jjanggae (T/n: Jjanggae = equivalent of ch*nks in Korean, literally “best dog” but in this song, it’s used to refer to Chinese takeout)

Ha Jjanggae again?

Ok thank you 

Yes this is the underground floor of Seolleung Building, Brand New Stardom 

Seolleung’s basement

Yes, it’s Brand New Stardom

Please give me 2 omurice

Ah I need to eat again

Ha ok I’m f*cked

I hate Jjanggae

I hate Jjanggae

I ordered Jjanggae

No no no no

Today, I ordered Jjanggae to fill my stomach 

However, I wasn’t full at all 

Actually I feel bloated

It’s flowing backwards

At this point, I feel like even my insides will turn to black 

Ugh please ugh sh*t

At this rate, I can’t do this 

How much Jjanggae do I need to eat

I hate Jjanggae

I hate Jjajangmyeon

I hate Jjambbong

I hate fried dumplings

Hate hate hate

I hate Jjjajangmyeon

Jjajangmyeon is 4,000 won

I hate Jjambbong 

Jjambbong is 4,500 won

I hate fried dumplings

Oyster Jjambbong is 6,500 won

I’m becoming Chinese at this point

Those people ahhhh 

Samseon Jjajang is 6,500 won

Samseon Jjambbong is also 6,500 won

Why is everything 6,500 won?

We have to buy something

That is below 5,000 won

We can’t help it everyday 

I can’t even eat mapo tofu

This can’t be it

I can’t even feel like I’m eating Korean with just Kimchi friend rice

Glass noodles japchae

Seafood japchae

Stir fried seafood


Samseon scorched rice soup

All of those are just dreams

To us, Tangsuyuk fried rice

Is the only menu

F**ck that

Zico, Hanhae, Jjanggae, so you know what I’m saying?

Chinese restaurants

My heart hurts

I’m lamenting 

I don’t even know who I am 

I keep shoving jjajangmyeon in my mouth 

Did my jjajangmyeon arrive?

Ah it did

1. HYBE again… 

2. Even his fans aren’t shielding this 

3. He deserves the hate

4. He should’ve left it in his diary ㅋㅋ Look at the level of his lyrics 

5. Honestly, he should receive more than just hate, imagine the other way around, we would be furious

6. The lyrics are quite severe


– Hyung~ where’s the golden phone?

– He was laying on the bed and reading [the numbers] as if it was his own phone 

– Regarding the ‘golden phone’ that is being talked about, I submitted everything as is and told everything honestly…

8. Ah he deserves the hate

9. He’s from BlockB so not surprised

10. Crazy this is my first time learning this;;; He needs to stay still and receive a beating 

And the people running Chinese restaurants in our country aren’t even Chinese, imagine saying this against Chinese restaurants, he crossed the line

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