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Is this place a sanctuary or a fence built by foolish defense mechanisms?
The cream-colored ceiling looks like the sky.
To hope for sunlight or rain is futile, as I secretly neglected the outside world.
Feeling dissatisfied with the melancholy of that lonely day,
Blaming the weather is projecting self-imposed emptiness onto the world.
You, who reveal countless expressions from the depths of your heart without filtering, are the most human.
I hope you no longer let life pass by with hesitation.

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1. What is he saying?
2. I’m never consuming his stuff again 
3. ?
4. So he was the one mentioning Jung Joonyoung’s golden phone and today was “I Want To Know”;s episode ah… 
5. So he’s releasing this right after the “I Want To Know” episode ㅎㅎ
6. ㅋ🤢
7. I’m not sure if I read it wrong or I’m just not getting what he’s trying to say 
8. … 
9. What is he saying?
10. Clarify whether you saw it in the phone of not 
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