These are the face combinations that represent girl groups

The face combination of girl groups

Sana Tzuyu Nayeon

Jennie Jisoo

Irene Seulgi

Karina Winter

Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin, Kim Minju

Haewon Sullyoon

Miyeon Shuhua

Yuna Ryujin

[+72, -19]

1. [+85, -69] BLACKPINK is too strong…

2. [+84, -17] NMIXX should be Sullyoon Jinni

3. [+61, -18] But for ITZY, looks like Ryujin Yeji is the best face combination

4. [+41, -7] Seulgi Irene

5. [+38, -3] I like rookie female idols, but when it comes to face combinations, I think of Sulli and Krystal first

6. [+26, -7] Jennie Jisoo

7. [+26, -8] SNSD Bermuda

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