These are the stiff-idols according to netizens

Which idol is the stiff-idol?

It’s weird that they’re stiff but in a cute way so I feel affection for them

[+19, -30]

1. [+137, -11] Who can beat Chanyeol?

2. [+117, -3] How dare you guys ignore Chanyeol and bash on other idols? For real, you guys are shameless

3. [+114, -3] You guys forgot Irene because of her power trip

4. [+83, -47] Oh Sehun

5. [+82, -63] The person who is the top at this, V-stiff

6. [+75, -1] ITZY Lia is famous for not being able to dance

7. [+73, -37] Stiff-pink

8. [+65, -2] BLACKPINK members’ choreography always doesn’t match, but it’s buried very well

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