This is the peak of female idols, so what year was the peak of male idols?

If you list the names of the groups at that time, thanks..

1. 2015..?

2. Personally, I like Kpop of 2015

3. By my standards, it was 2012-2015 because I listened to a lot of male idol songs at that time

4. It was 2015-2017

5. Late 2000s ~ early 2010s, TVXQ, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, Highlight, Infinite, B1A4, Block B.. These male idols come to mind immediately

6. Do you feel that Wanna One’s disbandment is the end of the peak of male idols?

7. 2nd generation, TVXQ! Big Bang… BTS explodes globally, so they alone are at their golden age

8. 2017? 2017 reminds me of Wanna One ㅋㅋ

9. 2015, I only remember Big Bang and EXO

10. 2017.. EXO, BTS, and Wanna One

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