This is why netizens are asking to cancel BTS’ concert in Busan

As soon as the date of BTS’s performance was revealed, Busan hotels announced the price for hotels in Busan at 8.9 million won for 2 nights

1. It’s ridiculous when you think about itㅋㅋ BTS will perform for free, but fans have to pay 8.9 million won for 2 nights

2. It’s stupid, it’s crazy

3. I think they don’t hold the Expo anymore. This is embarrassing

4. Just hold a concert in another city besides Busan

5. If you look at the circumstances of this concert, Busan city is so poor, I don’t know why they would gather 100,000 people in a remote place and the traffic is worst

6. Let’s cancel the concert, why is there so much noise?

7. If they can’t solve this, they don’t deserve Expo

8. If Busan can’t solve this problem, holding an expo will be a comedy

9. Oh please, I wish the concert could be cancelled

10. Busan city doesn’t seem to have any plans to hold the Expo

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