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Article: Tiffany “Our debut song ‘Into the New World’ is being used with new meaning… I support the LGBT community”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+922] Just look at these comments… our country has a long way to go

2. [+595] The comments are shocking. This is 2021, what’s wrong with you people?

3. [+331] There are billions of people in the world… it does seem unnatural to think that heterosexual love is the only type that exists 🤔

4. [+309] Would it kill you to just take what she said positively. Why hate on her in the comments?

5. [+185] Our country has a long way to go…

6. [+400] Is this really 2021? What’s up with these comments

7. [+143] These comments disgust me ㅋㅋ I’d rather leave the country

8. [+120] You don’t have to oppose the LGBT but you shouldn’t have to support them either

9. [+1,006] Tiffany is woke 👏 Love is just love. Not about gender. As long as your love doesn’t harm or hurt anyone, everyone has a right to love. That’s freedom.

10. [+107] Tiffany, you can’t do that ㅠㅠ why support them?

11. [+69] I feel like the discrimination wasn’t this bad years ago… how unfortunate

12. [+49] Looks like Tiffany can’t be helped, tsk tsk

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