Top 6 idols with ‘Slytherin’ images ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Fans confirm these top 6 are ‘cold charm’ Slytherin faces

Source: Insight via Instagram [full list in source]

1. [+240] Krystal and Sehun for sure

2. [+92] I’d say Lisa over Jennie?

3. [+49] Oh Sehun has the true Slytherin face

4. [+43] Eh? Vernon looks more like a Hufflepuff

5. [+34] Sehun really does look like a Slytherin..

6. [+21] Where did you get this picture of our Taehyungie!!

7. [+10] There’s a Slytherin NCT video on YouTube that’s amazing…

8. [+8] A co-ed group with all six of them would be daebak

9. [+2] Wonwoo’s got a Slytherin face, though his real personality’s more like a kitty

10. [+6] Well anyone could look Slytherin when you edit the pictures like this

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