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Article: ‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga Young is the perfect fit for webtoon drama remake of Joo Kyung

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+263] The male casting is good and Moon Ga Young is pretty but she doesn’t match Joo Kyung at all… the writer of the webtoon is Joo Kyung herself..

2. [+126] She doesn’t look like her

3. [+91] The casting isn’t matching up aside from Cha Eun woo~~ they’re all handsome and pretty but I think I’m just too into the webtoon

4. [+28] The writer should just star as herself ㅠㅠ

5. [+26] Moon Ga Young doesn’t match it…

6. [+11] Moon Ga Young doesn’t match ㅠㅠ the writer needs to star in this… Hwang In Yeob is okay but Kwon Hyun Bin was the best match

7. [+55] The comments keep talking about the writer being the best match but do you all logically think that makes any sense at all? Casting a drama isn’t some game to find a cosplay who best matches the characters… they’re an entire film crew with actual actors on set. It’s so stupid that I even have to explain this.

8. [+22] I think I’ll just stick to reading the webtoon

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