TWICE members all renew their contracts with JYP

JYP confirmed that all 9 members of TWICE have decided to renew their contracts with the company

1. It’s good that we can see TWICE for a long time

2. Wow, by the way, it’s time for TWICE to renew their contract… It’s like I watched Sixteen yesterday

3. I’m not a fan but I’m so happy

4. I’m not a fan of TWICE, but I really like their songs and performances

5. Well, congratulations to TWICE and ONCE!!!

6. Seriously awesome!!!!! I love TWICE because they always work hard on stage

7. Wow daebak!! I hope they do various activities in the future

8. It’s great to see TWICE sticking together as a groupㅋㅋ

9. Wow, there’s a lot of people saying that one or two members are leaving the group, but I’m so glad and happy that they all renewed their contracts, even though I’m not a fan of TWICE

10. Wow, looks like TWICE members really enjoy their work

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