TWICE members themselves didn’t know they all renewed their contracts until right before JYP made the official announcement

Jihyo, “We didn’t realize that all members have renewed their contracts until right before the official announcement”

1. They didn’t talk to each other so as not to burden each other. They respect other options and trust each other

2. Daebak, they don’t burden each other, the relationship looks good. TWICE fighting

3. I think TWICE’s relationship is really perfect for the group

4. They care about each other and don’t want to burden each other, that’s why this is even better

5. They trust each other ㅠㅠ TWICE’s relationship is good ㅠㅠ

6. They didn’t talk about it, but it’s great that all 9 members renewed their contracts

7. Wow, they all renewed their contracts.. I really like TWICE~

8. The biggest reason why they decided to renew their contract is because of the fans

9. Wow, this is really interesting and amazing

10. Really impressed, they really care about each other

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