Twice’s Jungyeon talks about her visual transformation on comeback live

Source: Star Today via Nate
1. [+586, -131] How’s your father doing?
2. [+578, -56] I ask this out of my love for Twice, but can we please give Momo less parts? I can only stand so much more mumbling. How is she still this bad 5 years after debut? I can’t stand suffering while listening to their songs anymore.
3. [+54, -11] I heard the song. It’s not a song worthy of #1. It gets weirder and weirder.
4. [+44, -4] I liked the song in the teaser but the whole thing doesn’t have that something that pulls you in ㅠㅠ and Momo’s nasally voice bothers me..
5. [+42, -10] But does your father have a criminal history of sexual assault…
6. [+38, -12] Their new song’s another flop ㅜㅜ
7. [+34, -11] Their new song is trash but it’s #1…
8. [+32, -9] Twice is done. They should just start copying their past songs. This new stuff might be up to taste with their international fans but their songs have been getting worse.
9. [+24, -9] There aren’t a lot of good songs lately ㅠ just been listening to remakes of old ones ㅠ
10. [+20, -4] How has Momo been working in Korea for years but I still have no idea what she’s saying ㅠ
11. [+19, -7] Their song is bad. This group is like having a group fo chefs who with no basic knife skills. 
12. [+14, -1] I saw their music video and turned it off after 2 minutes. The song is just so bad, their concepts are always the same, I’m getting tired of it ㅠㅠ same facial expressions, same angles ㅋㅋ
13. [+14, -4] Their talent is just not up to par. All the top groups like SNSD has a main vocal who can center the group but Twice doesn’t have that one special talent.

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