TXT’s Huening Kai and his nuna show just how much they look alike ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘TXT’ Huening Kai and his nuna’s visuals show unparalleled genes

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+105] They’re the same…

2. [+55] Everyone please go watch Huening’s Tingle interview, he looks so mysteriously handsome in it and the tingle is no joke

3. [+23] He looks like his dongsaeng too. All three of the siblings look so alike.

4. [+4] They look alike

5. [+3] Oh no, Huening is prettier ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but they really have the same nose

6. [+2] Exactly alike

7. [+2] I think Huening Kai could be prettier than a girl if he grew his hair out

8. [+2] Are the bluetooth headphones genetic in this family too, they look so good in it

9. [+1] Huening’s pretty but so is his nuna…💖

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