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 Article: Yoon Hye Jin tears up at Um Tae Woong’s words “I’m sorry for making you lose your youthful spark in your face”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+994] I’m amazed that she’s still living with him

2. [+285] He should be grateful that she’s still with him. Where else will he find such an amazing wife? 

3. [+145] I wonder what he’ll say if his own daughter grows up to face something like this? 

4. [+154] Let’s be honest with ourselves… nobody is perfect, and while we’re not required to support someone like this, we also shouldn’t be trying to tear him down when he’s obviously trying to make amends

5. [+289] I understand that he did something wrong but he’s still the head of a household. Isn’t constantly bringing his infidelity up a crime in itself? ㅠ His child and his wife did nothing wrong to be bombarded with this ㅠ his child will read it… there’s no need to be bringing it up all the time ㅠㅜ

6. [+47] As long as he knows what he caused her. Just make sure to pay her back double that for the rest of your life.

7. [+37] I feel like I’d be absolutely disgusted with him but she looks like she’s touched by his words..

8. [+32] Amazed that she didn’t divorce him after that scandal

9. [+17] I can understand her wanting to let go of his dirty past and choosing not to get a divorce but I can’t relate to her shedding tears over him like this

10. [+9] Every time these two are in the news, I’m just scared that their child Jion will find out what happened by the comments. These two should just stay out of the spotlight and live quietly…

11. [+652] Um Tae Woong’s crime is too big to be able to defend him

12. [+40] I have no intention of defending Um Tae Woong but it’s clear the couple is choosing to bury the past and move forward so there’s no need to be bringing up the past for them all the time. 

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