UP10TION’s Bitto tests positive from ‘Inkigayo’, industry in tailspin ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: UP10TION’s Bitto tests positive after ‘Inkigayo’ appearance

Source: Wikitree/Insight via Instagram

1. [+119] No but why in the world were they eating together? How many idols have to get testing sticks down their noses because of this now?

2. [+55] I hope our NCT kids test negative ㅜㅜ

3. [+36] What about BtoB ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+34] What about NCT ㅠㅠ-ㅠㅜ

5. [+32] BtoB was on Inkigayo too

6. [+29] And K-Pop ends here

7. [+20] Sigh… Jaehyun was MC too…..

8. [+18] Oh no.. what about NCT 😭

9. [+16] NCT, please test negative ㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+14] What’s going to happen to our BtoB

Article: Idol member tests positive… singers with contact tracing ‘line up for tests’

Source: JTBC via Naver

1. [+295, -10] So many people are facing life and death situations right now, is it really necessary to be holding year-end music festivals during a pandemic? Do any of you have brains?

2. [+215, -6] Not just the idols.. both actors and singers need to all be wearing masks!!

3. [+193, -10] Please quit it with all the year-end music festivals. People are suffering anywhere. We do not have the time to be watching people celebrate without us.

4. [+47, -6] All year-end ceremonies need to be either taken online or canceled

5. [+29, -0] We need to start coming up with game plans for the broadcast industry. There has been an increase in cases with all the variety shows and competitions going on. 

6. [+24, -0] Graduation trips are being canceled, students aren’t even able to attend their entry and graduation ceremonies. So many are worried for the college entrance exam. We should not be stressing over these year-end ceremonies right now. What are you guys doing?

7. [+24, -1] I understand that celebrities have to take their masks off while on camera but why do I see staff with masks under their noses or on their chins??? Please make sure everyone is wearing their masks properly!!!

8. [+22, -0] No way that year-end ceremonies should be allowed to go on right now… Let’s just get rid of them altogether. Who even watches them anymore?

9. [+22, -1] I knew this would happen when I saw all the TV shows without masks 

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