US senator mentions BTS on Twitter

US Senator: “BTS ARMY is the great strength of Las Vegas”

1. Let’s make it like a festival in Seoul!!! We will make a lot of money

2. As expected, Kingtan.. Let’s earn a lot of foreign currency

3. Now, let’s save the Korean economy a little bit. Let’s hold concerts in Korea

4. I saw a lot of comments saying that BTS only made money for their own benefit, but now they are telling BTS to hold concerts in Korea for the sake of the country’s economy

5. I hope that BTS will do more overseas activities and earn more money

6. I hope BTS will hold a festival in Korea too

7. In Korea, the grass of the stadium is more important than the recovery of the local economy

8. BTS is a Korean group, but I feel like Korea treats them the worst

9. Seriously Kingtan is awesome

10. I’m so proud of BTS as a Korean

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