V and Jennie’s dating rumors spread again, they look so excited in the same waiting room

A new image of V and Jennie backstage together surfaced online. In the photo, Jennie is seen smiling and taking a mirror selfie with her phone as V is getting his hair styled

1. Where did that photo come from? How was it spread?

2. I think this photo was taken by Jennie, how was it spread?

3. Wasn’t it confirmed that they were dating when they were on Jeju Island together?

4. I know YG doesn’t respond, but BTS’s agency also doesn’t respond to dating rumors?

5. I shudder more about the leak.. Where did it leak from?? I think it was taken by Jennie??

6. They didn’t deny it, it means they’re dating, but this is crossing the line

7. Aren’t they already dating…? Has it been confirmed?

8. It’s not a dating rumor, it’s true, right???? If it wasn’t true, they denied it

9. They look good together so I support them. But I don’t want to consume the photos that are leaked

10. I wonder how it got leaked

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