V hangs out with the BLACKPINK members

Fans wondered why Jennie’s hat was like that, but it turned out that Jennie was wearing V’s hat…

Rosé was next to her, V and BLACKPINK were playing together. It’s nice to see the friendship between the two groups

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1. [+141, -24] Are you writing a novel from two pictures?ㄷㄷ

2. [+93, -28] V was born in 1995, when will he enlist?

3. [+85, -28] Of course, Jennie will introduce her boyfriend to the members

4. [+40, -15] She must have told the member that she’s dating someone… I bet Jennie also knows who Rosé’s boyfriend is

5. [+23, -7] Isn’t that obvious…? People also introduce their boyfriends to their friends when they’re in love, V must have introduced Jennie to the BTS members

6. [+20, -5] V also introduced Jennie to BTS?

7. [+19, -5] Who is Rosé’s boyfriend?

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