Vietnamese airport staff like Chanyeol and Sehun’s passport information ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: EXO Chanyeol and Sehun have their passports leaked by a Vietnamese airport staff

Source: Asia Today via Nate

1. [+1,174, -7] Are they crazy? They must be, and they better be punished heavily for it

2. [+965, -8] There are crazies everywhere;;

3. [+897, -9] This is what Sulli talked about before, about how they’re not protected by law… How dare someone leak something like this?

4. [+43, -1] It’s not just their passport pictures but their social security and passport numbers too, the entire page… I can’t even believe something like this can happen.

5. [+37, -2] Korean airport staff are problematic as well… They usually all have copies of their favorite celebrity’s passports…

6. [+32, -0] Crazy, they really shared the entire picture like that. SM needs to hurry with the lawsuit.

7. [+29, -1] This is why idols become mentally ill.. how can they trust anyone?

8. [+25, -0] No professionalism at all, handle this with the law

9. [+24, -0] Tough to be an idol.. they make a ton of money but they have no life of their own

10. [+22, -1] Are they crazy??? Celebrities deserve the right to privacy too, how dare they leak something like this??

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