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Article: Red Velvet’s Wendy bows 90 degrees to SBS staff for first performance in a long time

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+504] The reason this is in the news is because SBS was the reason Wendy got injured to the point where she needed a one year hiatus along with the facial changes that happened to her. Despite it all, she still greeted everyone without animosity. 

2. [+160] I can’t stand it when idols or celebrities stop bowing or greeting staff just because they get a bit famous and keep their necks stiff. They’re bound to disappear one day anyway.

3. [+44[ I can’t stand… SBS……..

4. [+35] As expected of Seungwan

5. [+24] Son Seungwan is a true angel. Two years ago, SBS never checked their equipment and ended up dropping Seungwan 3.5 meters, causing her a severe injury. I would’ve cursed SBS after that Son Seungwan proves to be the bigger person + angel.

6. [+26] What a kind heart

7. [+93] How different from Irene

8. [+3] Our angel Seungwanie 😍

9. [+2] I don’t even know how she’s been able to hold it in all this time. I’d be so mad at them that I wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night.

10. [+86] Wow, if it were me, I would’ve sworn at SBS every chance I got. They never even gave her a proper apology and yet she’s still bowing to them like the bigger person that she is.

11. [+70] Wendy is so kind. SBS was the reason she never got to promote ‘Psycho’ with the group but look at her bowing to them ㅋㅋㅋ I would’ve caused a riot~

12. [+23] She’s too kind. I would’ve said “screw you SBS” in the middle of my performance and left.

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