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What do you think of TXT’s new song?

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1. [+255, -9] Like the comment below, if you ask what is Big Hit’s style, the song is so good that after today, you can confirm that Big Hit’s style is youth and 20s

2. [+216, -8] I thought “so this is what they call Big Hit style”

3. [+170, -8] I just watched the MV and am buying an album. I’m a fan of another group but.. It’s seriously good

4. [+94, -0] Big Hit’s adventurous youth concept is so good.. The genre is youthful but it now has a lost and emotional feel mixed in it

5. [+60, -0] Even if the concept of TXT changes in the future, I hope they will still include romantic, dreamy elements. Run Away and this song are both perfect

What do you think?

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