What Korean netizens say about Chinese netizens terrorizing BTS’s Instagram

Comments on BTS’ official Instagram right now..

BTS’ individual Instagram accounts are set up so that only the accounts they follow can comment, so they all went to the official account

Their official Instagram account is managed by the company

The reason is because of RM’s Instagram story

1. Don’t touch our BTS!!!

2. Those ba$tards are crazy, RM is Korean, of course he should support the Korean team

3. I’m glad the BTS members blocked comments on their Instagram accounts

4. BTS has a lot of fans around the world, so it’s great to see ARMYs protecting BTS

5. I like BTS as a group whose members are all Korean. I’m not a fan, but I like BTS songs. I hope they get betterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. A fandom where the sun never sets. Namjoon, BTS and ARMYs are all amazing

7. I’m really glad there’s no Chinese in BTS

8. Koreans are cheering for the Korean team, so why are they like that?

9. Anyway, the world will know what China did to us

10. I guess the Chinese have nothing to do

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