What netizens say about 4 BIGBANG members announcing their comeback after 4 years

4 BIGBANG members announce comeback after 4 years… TOP’s exclusive contract with YG ends

YG Entertainment announced on the 7th, “BIGBANG will be releasing a new song this spring.” They continued, “We’ve finished recording our new song, and we’re currently preparing to shoot a music video.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P ended his contract with YG. He will start his personal projects

1. 4 members???? Does it include the member who loves Korean law? What? If TOP left the group, there would only be three members

2. Just let Taeyang release his solo song

3. I thought the 4 BIGBANG members would stay under YG for the rest of their lives, but they weren’t…

4. Didn’t TOP say that he’s not a celebrity?

5. So TOP is leaving YG, but the 4 BIGBANG members are still releasing their new song, right?

6. Isn’t it better to release Taeyang’s solo album…

7. I don’t care, just ignore them

8. Looks like it’s their last song. 2NE1 disbanded without notice, but YG treats BIGBANG with respect

9. Wow… Where is their conscience?

10. Criminal groupㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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