What netizens say about BIGBANG’s comeback on April 5

BIGBANG makes a comeback on April 5

1. I’m looking forward to BIGBANG’s songsㅋㅋ If people don’t like them then don’t listen to their songs ㅜㅜ Do you guys really want them to do nothing for the rest of their lives?

2. I can’t listen to BIGBANG’s old songs because of Seungri’s voice, but I’m looking forward to their new songs

3. Are they going to appear on variety shows this time to re-wash their image?

4. Honestly, I like their songs, so I’m curious

5. If they do well with this comeback, I think they will continue to promote as a group

6. Please give me BLACKPINK’s comeback.. I’m not curious about ahjussis in their 30s

7. There are a lot of good songs to listen to these days, but the kids who consume their songs are just brainless pigs

8. I’ll never consume BIGBANG’s music, I’ll listen to other singers’ songs that come out that day

9. They are really shameless

10. I hate them so much, so I won’t listen to their songs

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