What netizens say about BTS not getting an award at the Grammy Awards this year

It’s a pity that BTS didn’t get an award at the Grammy Awards… The solo stage was warmly applauded

1. BTS is the best whether they get an award or not

2. I was shocked, I was so excited during their performance. This performance is legendary and BTS are living legends

3. It doesn’t matter if they get the award or not, we already know that BTS is the best in the world

4. BTS is the best in the world.. BTS’s stage always exceeds expectations

5. BTS’s performance today was the best among singers. BTS is the best even if they don’t get a Grammy. They just have to keep making the music they want. They are already so good.. Once again, Grammy just took advantage of BTS?

6. BTS’ stage is the best, no matter what anyone says, BTS is the best. Like BTS said it’s enough because they have ARMYs, we have BTS too, so it’s okay

7. BTS’s performance was amazing.. Even if they don’t get it, they’re already living legends

8. BTS was the best today, they ripped the stage at the Grammy Awards

9. BTS is the best, they worked hard

10. BTS is the best, I’m so proud and happy that I’m an ARMY

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