What netizens say about ITZY’s concept after β€˜π‚π‡π„π‚πŠπŒπ€π“π„β€™ concept film 2

ITZY’s 5th mini album β€˜π‚π‡π„π‚πŠπŒπ€π“π„β€™ Concept film #2

Their comeback on July 15 at 1pm

1. Lia is just a queen

2. Seriously pretty

3. Damn, Yuna is a queen

4. Hul daebak, the concept is so good

5. Their faces are crazy

6. Princess Yuna

7. Wow Yeji is so pretty

8. Wow Yeji and Yuna are so pretty

9. The vibe is totally different from the previous album, I’m really looking forward to it…

10. Yeji’s visuals are really unique and pretty γ…œγ…œ

11. I love the concept.. They are all so pretty

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