What netizens say about ‘Queendom 2’ lineup

‘Queendom 2’ introduces the lineup

Cosmic Girls

Brave Girls





1. Isn’t it for girl groups? Why is Hyorin there?

2. I was hoping Weki Meki would appear ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. I know Kep1er is so popular among rookie groups, why are they still there? CJ is really greedy

4. Looking at the lineup, looks like Kep1er will win, so I’m looking forward to their stages

5. Well, I’m looking forward to Hyorin

6. I guess it’s a show that pushes Kep1er

7. Why aren’t ITZY and Weki Meki there?

8. The lineup is worse than season 1

9. I’m looking forward to Cosmic Girls, there are many stages that I want to see

10. Looks like they are pushing Kep1er, the lineup is disappointing

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