What netizens say after SM revealed SMROOKIES – Eunseok, Shohei, Seunghan

SMROOKIES revealed #SR22B




1. If they’re thinking of putting them in NCT, I hope they’re the last NCT members

2. I heard that all handsome men are in SM’s basement, I guess that’s true…

3. I wonder if it’s NCT’s new unit or a new male idol group

4. I feel like they look more like models or actors than idols

5. Will they be NCT… or a new group?

6. Are these kids the next NCT members?

7. They look like models, not idols…

8. Are they new members? They look a bit old so I think they’re NCT members that I don’t know

9. Eunseok? He looks like Jaehyun

10. Are these kids going to debut with Sungchan and Shotaro?

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LE SSERAFIM just performed the stage as a 5-member group in Japan

Wow nobody in this SM Rookies lineup debuted except for NingNing