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Article: Wheein does not renew contract… “Mamamoo promos only until 2023”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+197] As a fan, I can’t help but respect when they make decisions like this no matter how much I love them as a group. We all should be able to have the bravery to turn down what others think is a company with great benefits if we don’t think it’s the path for us. We only live once, after all!!! I respect it, Wheein-nim!!

2. [+71] Huk… Mamamoooo… 😢

3. [+66] Feels like the groups of our generation are now becoming a memory, it makes me sad

4. [+64] Either way, by December 2023, the other members will be up for renewals again so Wheein might sign again or the other members might not. I think it’d be best for all four to just leave the agency and find a different, better agency..

5. [+29] I can see why Wheein would make that choice..

6. [+19] And where is she going to sign with? Honestly… she’s only famous because of Mamamoo, she has no standing as a solo 😂 I’d rather listen to Whasa’s solo than hers

7. [+3] 👏👏👏👏

8. [+4] 😢

9. [+3] Oh why! ㅜㅜ

10. [+4] No way.. I can’t lose Mamamoo…

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