Wheesung found passed out from anesthetic drugs in bathroom ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Singer Wheesung passes out from anesthetic drugs… police investigate scene

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+5,403, -50] So he does have a drug addiction… I’m really disappointed in him

2. [+4,547, -39] What happened to him.. ㅠㅠ He was one of the rare singers who not only sang well but composed good songs ㅠㅠ why is his life getting lost in the mountains, aigoo

3. [+3,759, -51] Release the original call with Amy~!

4. [+334, -0] If he’s reached the point where he’s obtaining these drugs on his own and administering them himself, he’s reached the point of severity, no? He’s a total druggie now.

5. [+302, -2] Hul… drug use even while under investigation… he’s a true addict

6. [+247, -2] Sigh, he’s totally addicted. How did he get to this point.

7. [+240, -7] So sad… Wheesung would be considered top-tier, what happened to him… It must be bad if he was taking drugs even while under investigation. I’m scared that he’s going to make a drastic decision…

8. [+215, -3] His dongsaeng’s a doctor so maybe that’s how he’s able to get drugs easily… And why would he take them outside, why not take them at home? Why pass out in public?

9. [+205, -2] He must be really addicted if he’s to the point where he’s carrying around a needle and taking them in public bathrooms

10. [+162, -1] Hul, is he a total druggie now;; I used to really like his music, what happened to him…

11. [+149, -1] His addiction’s severe if he felt the need to take drugs randomly at a public bathroom

12. [+115, -2] I noticed he has really low self esteem on ‘Radio Star’. For someone so talented, why is he like this.. please love yourself before it’s too late. Those around him, please help him!!

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