When you think of SM, JYP and YG, who is the singer that comes to mind first?

1. SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang

2. BoA, Park Jin Young, 2NE1

3. BoA, Park Jin Young, GD

4. BoA, Wonder Girls, BLACKPINK

5. Baekhyun, Suzy, GD

6. BoA, Wonder Girls, 2NE1

7. Taeyeon, Park Jin Young, Song Min Ho

8. Lee Soo Man, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk

9. BoA, Park Jin Young, AKMU

10. SNSD, TWICE, Big Bang

11. BoA, Wonder Girls, 2NE1

12. BoA, Park Jin Young, GD

13. EXO, Wonder Girls, Big Bang

14. Taeyeon, Park Jin Young, CL

15. SHINee, TWICE, Big Bang

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