Where is NCT? Netizens talk about TOP 10 global album sales chart in 2021 (BTS, Seventeen)

TOP 10 global album sales chart in 2021 (BTS, Seventeen)

Seventeen #3 #8

BTS #4

1. Wow Seventeen is amazing

2. It’s BTS’ Japanese album, right? Daebak

3. Didn’t NCT sell a lot of albums? Why aren’t they there?

4. Well, Bang Si Hyuk makes a lot of money

5. Why isn’t NCT there? Their fans say they sold a lot of albums

6. No, how many Japanese albums did BTS sell? This is crazy

7. Seventeen is crazyㅋㅋㅋ BTS sold a lot of albums even though it’s a Japanese album

8. BTS sold a lot of Japanese albums around the world…. Seventeen’s sales are great too

9. NCT always has super high shipments, but it’s a mystery that no one knows why

10. Looks like NCT didn’t sell as much as they shippedㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Looking at the comments, looks like NCT’s actual sales are lower than their shipments… Why do you guys keep mentioning other groups…? Can’t we just congratulate the Korean singers?

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