Who are the idols who do well both as a group and as a solo?

Male and female idols included

1. Taeyeon, GD, Taeyang

2. Jennie

3. Taeyeon

4. Sunmi

5. Baekhyun

6. Kyuhyun

7. Rosé

8. Taemin

9. Baekhyun

10. GD, Taeyang

11. Jennie

12. Taemin

13. Joy

14. Taeyeon, Baekhyun, Taemin, Kyuhyun, Jennie, Song Minho, Sunmi, Hyuna, etc. Seriously there are a lot of idols

15. Baekhyun, Taeyeon, GD, Taeyang

16. GD, Taeyang, Baekhyun, Taeyeon, Taemin

17. Taeyeon, Sunmi, Hwasa, Chungha

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