Who are your favorite 4th generation male and female visuals?

For me it’s Yoon Jaehyuk, Minji ㅠㅠ

1. Juyeon and Minji

2. I don’t know about 4th generation male idols, but for female idols it’s NMIXX Jinni

3. ATEEZ Yunho and NewJeans Minji

4. I don’t even know about 4th generation male idols!!!

5. I don’t know male idols, for me it’s Minji and Wonyoung

6. I don’t know male idols ㅜㅜ For female idols it’s Yuna, Sullyoon and Hanni

7. Soobin, Minji

8. Soobin, Jang Wonyoung

9. I don’t care about male idols, for female idols it’s Karina

10. Soobin, Yeonjun, Haerin, Minji, Jang Wonyoung, Kazuha

11. Soobin… There are so many pretty female idols

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