Who do you think is the visual member of LE SSERAFIM?

Based on your own opinion! Not the member that the company is pushing

1. I think it’s Kazuha

2. Looks like the group’s visual is Eunchae / Yunjin, but the members are all pretty, for me Kazuha stands out the most

3. Kim Garam (I hate her, but she looks the prettiest)

4. For me it’s Eunchae.. I saw her today and she’s so pretty

5. For me it’s Huh Yunjin

6. They are all pretty ㅠ I can’t choose

7. Kazuha is so f*cking pretty

8. Kazuha, she’s just a queen

9. I think it’s Kazuha or Sakura

10. Honestly, they’re all pretty, but Kazuha is the prettiest

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