Who do you think of when it comes to “best performance boy group”?

Please write down the groups that come to mind

1. BTS, Seventeen, Stray Kids, The Boyz, ATEEZ


3. Seventeen

4. Infinite and Seventeen

5. BTS

6. SHINee

7. SHINee, Seventeen

8. BTS, Seventeen


10. BTS, Seventeen, ENHYPEN, Stray Kids

11. NCT?

12. BTS, Seventeen

13. BTS, NCT, SHINee, Seventeen

14. TXT

15. BTS… ?? I’m a muggle

16. There are many groups that perform well, but when it comes to the best performance, I immediately think of Seventeenㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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What do you think?

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