Who do you think of when you think of idols who are all-rounders?

Who is the idol who is all-rounder?

1. I’m not a fan, but it’s Baekhyun..? Sullyoon these days

2. Jeon Soyeon?

3. Baekhyun and Seulgi

4. Jungkook

5. Cho Seungyoun?

6. Baekhyun and Taeyeon

7. Lee Gikwang

8. Jungkook

9. Cho Seungyoun and Chungha

10. Cho Seungyoun, Jeon Soyeon, Baekhyun, and Chungha

11. Seulgi

12. Jungkook, he sings well, dances well, he even raps well

13. Lee Gikwang – Singing, dancing, composing, acting, MC, radio DJ, everything!

14. Jungkook, Seulgi, and Taeyeon

15. Hoshi

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